Zane Thomson

About Me

I am currently a senior at Northwestern High School. I have participated in Basketball for 4 years, Football for 4 years, Baseball for 4 years, student council for 2 years, and National Honors Society for 2 years. Outside of school, I enjoy working on my families farm, having a good time with my friends, and playing sports. After high school, I will be dual enrolling in Parkland College and The University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign majoring in Technical Systems Management. 

"I am extremely glad to be apart of this years CEO class because it is giving me a chance to build my soft skills and extend my networking web in the business world"

About My Business

Freedom Concealments provides an economical, handcrafted gun case to hang on the wall of your home.

This provides a way for you to quickly access your gun if need be.

I purchase all of my material from a local hardware store to promote small businesses.