Tessa Mumper

About Me

As a Senior at Mount Olive High school, I am a member of the yearbook committee; I am enrolled in honors and college-level classes such as Advanced Biology, English 101, and Calculus.  Outside of the classroom, I help manage a family owned pizza place called Little Italy’s.  In my free time, you can find me with my friends and family.  After High school I plan on going to college, and though my destination is undetermined I am pursuing a path in anthropology and business.

I hope to bring together communities and become a better entrepreneurial thinker through the CEO program.  This year has already opened my eyes to so many new, real-life learning experiences that I can not wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

About My Business

Warrior Nation Wear is a company that sells clothing and accessories with a purpose. These products are created to evoke patriotism in our citizens and serve as an everlasting reminder to support our nation. We provide patriotic apparel for our customers and donate 20% of the proceeds to the Macoupin County Military Support Group so YOU can make a positive impact on our country.