Quintin Zillen

About Me

I am a Senior at Mt. Olive High School.  Throughout my high school career I've participated in Student Council, football, golf, scholastic bowl, and even the Spring Play.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends, exploring the capabilities of technology, and admiring the many forms of art the world has to share.  I'm a hardworking and caring individual who is always trying to make a difference.  I plan to do many great things in my future, and I’m very proud to be a CEO student.

CEO will provide me with knowledge and the blueprint needed to start my successful career.

About My Business

Zillen Lifestyle Co. is not only a brand, but a lifestyle.  For starters Zillen will be manufacturing and producing cologne.  Zillen will expand into various product lines including clothing, hair/body products, and men’s accessories.  As profits permit, Zillen will find ways to give back to its communities and charities.  The Zillen brand will provide customers with quality products that boost confidence and help its customers be the best they can be.  Join us in our lifestyle journey!