Kailey Fagg

About Me

I am a senior at Northwestern High School in Palmyra. Throughout high school, I’ve participated in various activities such as Jared’s Keepers, Band, Student Council, National Honor Society, FCCLA, Yearbook, Scholastic bowl, and I’ve been a class officer for 3 years. I am actively involved with Student Council, Jared's Keepers, National Honor Society, and FCCLA. 

Although the corona virus has taken a toll on my senior year, I won’t let it affect my attitude towards my final year of highschool with many people I’ve grown up with since pre-k. 

In my freetime I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and overall just make most of what time I have left before I go off to college. Although I’m not completely sure as to where I want to go to college, after high school I plan to major in Child Development.

“2020 has done nothing but throw surprises left and right. However, I am ecstatic about being part of the Macoupin County CEO class. While being in CEO I hope to improve my communication skills, along with becoming more professional overall. CEO has given me the opportunity that not all high school students get to partake in. I know that improving these skills will benefit me for my future outside of school and I can’t be more grateful.