Madison Frey

About Me

My name is Madison Frey, I go to Bunker Hill High School and participate in my pep band and scholastic bowl. I work as a cashier in Meehan’s IGA and plan on majoring in American Sign Language at William Woods University in Missouri. When I got into the Macoupin County CEO Program, one thing that I wanted to take away was networking and communication skills. Communication skills have been very helpful in CEO when it comes to business visits which have been very eye-opening in how the business world is run. I've learned so much about how to run a business and the skills that come with that, such as leadership, marketing, and management, will help out so much after my high school career and with my business.

My business is called Mother Green Fragrances and I make and sell homemade essential oil perfumes and lotions. These do not contain any chemicals or alcohol so they are much healthier for your skin than the perfumes and lotions you can get in a store. 10% of my profit will be donated to an animal shelter and help the animals in need of good homes.