Lilly Booth

About Me

My name is Lilly Booth and I’m a senior at Staunton High School. I’m a member of the youth group Exhale, National Art Honor Society, and a volunteer at the MetroEast Humane Society. I’m the second oldest of six children, and work ethic is key in our family. So, I’m currently balancing two jobs, at Village-Drive In in Bunker Hill and Dewey’s Pizza in Edwardsville. At the beginning of the year I was hoping to take away business professional skills from this class. While I’ve done that, I’ve also acquired to public speak and that has been tremendously beneficial to me.

With these skills, I’ve built my business Chic & Unique. Chic & Unique takes distorted furniture and barnwood and gives them a new life by repurposing, refurbishing or restoring them, adding my creative personality to each piece.