Bryce Buzick

About Me

My name is Bryce Buzick , and I am from Staunton High school. I have been a part of many sports in my highschool years from track to soccer.  I have also earned many personal awards in playing these sports. I am employed at Maverick Steaks and Spirits in Litchfield, IL.

I wanted to create a successful business when I had first joined CEO and what I have learned is I can now do that with my business Handful of Help.

Handful of Help is a service business ran by high school students who are on the go and would like to work when they want to. This business came to me by the way I was living my life. I wanted to create a better more efficient working environment for the more busier students in my county. I was a teenager who wanted to take everything on from sports to working, from studying to spending time with my friends. I had realized I was not able to contribute to all factors in my life the way I wanted to and still make some good money.