Ryan Kleeman

About Me

Ryan Kleeman attends Carlinville High School.  He is a senior that plays  football, and in his other spare time he says he is in the gym working out. He says he is taking CEO because he see’s CEO as a learning experience to learn about small business, meet people in the surrounding communities that have been part of small business in the past and have been successful, and most of all because he hopes for it to help him figure out what he could possibly want to do with his life. The support of a program such as CEO in our the Macoupin County Area, has amazed him, along with the money that the communities actually make throughout the year. Ryan aspires to pursue biochemistry in college and eventually start his own supplement business,and then wants to start his own pharmaceutical company.

His business, Pharma Innovations has just launched as of February 1st, 2017. Pharma Innovations, offers a variety of lifting and general health supplement to all ages, males and females. Ryan plans of carrying his supplement business all the way through college, and possibly beyond.

About My Business