Hard to fathom this picture was taken over a month ago now.

It was one of the last days our team was able to meet in person.

We had a joint class meet up with Edwardsville CEO for the students to work on sales and presentation skills.

The coronavirus’ massive impact on education and business in our area was just beginning.

Schools were shut down two days later.

Restrictions for businesses deemed non-essential followed soon after.
The economic environment our students planned all year to launch their startup businesses into is different now.

But different doesn’t mean impossible.

Big change create big opportunities.
In CEO our student team learned first-hand how to be innovative resourceful quick and bold.
They (and all of us) still have…

The internet/e-commerce
The mail
Free social media platforms

All three represent opportunities to pivot business ideas or to go in a different direction and start from scratch.
In the coming days you will learn about each of our students’ individual business concepts they were planning to launch at our Trade Show.

Some of the businesses are on “pause” some are “pivoting” their idea some are uncertain and some have chosen not to move forward.

Regardless of how they've chosen to proceed the experience of getting to this point has taught them a lot about themselves.

And being self-aware is key to building a successful fulfilling life inside and outside of their business or career journey!


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