When we begin a new chapter in our life by choice or by necessity the freight train of “advice” from family, friends, and colleges starts rolling in.

If we try to put all of it into practice at once we end up feeling overwhelmed pulled in a hundred different directions going nowhere.

We can’t use it all at once but may eventually during a different time and circumstance.

Think of it as having an untapped well of practical knowledge to draw from.

At times going through the professional development process of CEO is like drinking from a firehose.

The important thing for our student team is to take it all in and use it later when they need it.

It’s like a virtual tool belt for life and career decisions they never have to take off.

The most valuable learning experiences in CEO are often when students try something and find out it’s not what they thought it would be.

They then know choosing something in that career path wouldn’t be a long term fit.

It’s better they discover these personal preferences now instead of 3-5 years down the road after they’ve invested money time and effort into getting a degree or certification for a career field they discover they don’t like during day one in the workforce.

Our students this year and every preceding year got to experience many things professionally that are unique to the CEO program.

They took it all in absorbing it like sponges ready to be rung out at the right future moment.

This team is reaching the end of one chapter in their lives (high school) and beginning the next in a crazy weird way that is different from any of their predecessors.

But they are and have been ready for the advice train to roll in and know how to handle the flood of guidance coming their way.

We want every student to leave this program with a better understanding of who they are and who they aspire to become.

We also want them to be confident in themselves now and in their ability to create the life they want later by making bold decisions based on what they want not on what anybody else wants for them.

So cheers to the self-discoveries good and bad our team made this year and to everyone in our communities who has invested time money and energy to give them the opportunity.

CEO isn’t just about setting students up for success in business.

It’s also about setting them up for success in life!

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